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Shenzhen Silicon Valley Park Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen Nanwan street, high tech park, which is the second park a building, is a set of environmental protection products R & D, design, manufacture, construction and installation, after-sales service as one integrated high-tech environmental protection enterprises, also is Shenzhen's first engaged in environmental protection equipment operation of supermarket enterprise. Company has high-quality management, research and development and marketing team, and a number of research institutes, engineering design institute have good relations of cooperation, and integration of the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan advanced environmental technology digestion and absorption, so that the company's products has been in the industry of along the front. Companies with the Shenzhen environmental protection engineering and technical qualification certificate, a complete industrial work team, more professional, more meticulous service to our customers.

The company's main products are: high voltage electrostatic fume purifier, UV photolysis fume purifier, low noise fan, malodorous gases UV photolysis and oxidation catalytic device, smell processor, spray water purifier, oil water separator, muffler, black smoke processor, desulfurization tower, mechanical dust collector a variety of environmental protection equipment. Widely used in commercial kitchen purification, industrial waste gas odor treatment, factory purification and other fields.

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